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The Green Barn - Isle of Wight Dairy Goats, is a family run Dairy Goat Farm based on the Isle of Wight, producing a range of fresh, artisan Goat Produce.


Having owned Goats for many years - initially with Angoras for their fleece - Dairy Goats firmly won us

over back in 2005.


We - us & our Goats - moved to the Isle of Wight in June 2013 to re-establish

and bring our range of Goat produce to the Island.


Alongside, we also have a range of other products at The Green Barn,

including our Handmade Craftwork, Antique Prints and Gardenalia.


Our 90 strong herd is mainly British Saanen, with Golden Guernseys,

British Toggenburgs, British Alpine and Anglo Nubian featuring too.


Although a little picky about the weather, our herd are free to graze outside all year.

"The Islands 1st and only, commercial Goat Dairy."

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The Green Barn - Isle of Wight Dairy Goats


"The Islands 1st and only, commercial Goat Dairy."



Open Daily: 10am-4pm

Did you know...?


  • Our highest yeilding Goat was Tink, who gave us an amazing 9.6 litres of milk a    day at her peak.


  • Once no-longer   giving milk, all our girls live out their retirement with us.


  • Within our herd, we have three  generations all milking.


  • All our Kids are raised by their mums until they are weaned.

Did you want to know more about

the different Goat breeds in our herd?