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Anglo-Nubian, or Nubian, goats are recognized as a primarily

dairy breed of goat.


Thought to originate from the breeding of goats from Egypt and India.


They are easily recognized by their long, floppy ears & Roman noses.


Nubians come in a huge array of...colorations: black, brown, white, red,and patterns: solids, spots, stripes and combinations.


While they may not give as much milk as the Saanen, their milk has higher butterfat's - with an average of 4.84% and 3.51% protein.


Nubians are a delightful breed being a pleasure to look at and

generally friendly. Like most goats, they are just fun to be with.


They are curious, and tend to be quite vocal as well.


Nubians, being of desert origins, does best in a warm,

humid climate. They will thrive in colder areas as well, but are prone to having their ear tips freeze.


A doe is typically around 30 inches and will weigh at least 60 kg, with Nubian bucks reaching a size of about 35 inches and at least 80 kg.


An average yield of 3.89 kg in 24 hours.

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