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Due to the nature of Antique Prints, we are sorry to say we only have the one of each available.

The more recent prints - and the modern reproductions - we are occasionally fortunate enough to have sourced again.

Our collection of prints covers an expansive range of beautiful

subjects, a handful of which include: 

               Antique, Vintage & Decorative Prints  -   Sourced, mounted & presented by ourselves.

Did you know...


An antique print is one that was made more than one hundred years ago.


Items must usually be at least 100 years old to be classed as an antique.


However, original prints made before about 1940 may be considered to be antique if they were not mass produced.


In contrast, vintage prints are usually considered to be those made between 1940 to 1980.

Years: 1650 - early 1800s

* Prints were mostly made from engraved copper    

  plates. Prints had stronger plate marks as higher    

  pressure was needed to

  print, and more detail

  as finer engraving lines

  were possible.

* The paper was usually

  thick & uneven as it

  was hand made.

Years: 1800 - 1850

* The paper tended to be thinner as it started to be    


* Copper plate engravings were still common, but more  

  expensive prints were produced by lithography, aquatint  

  or stipple engraving.

* Prints of animals, plants &

  travel were popular and

  more realistic.

* Colouring was still mostly

  done by hand.


Years: Mid 1850 - 1900

* Common print methods were lithography (speckled)  

  or steel plate engravings (much finer lines than copper).

* Plate marks reduced as lower pressure was needed.

* Printed colour became much more common

  from about 1860 onwards.

* The paper tends to be

  smoother. One reason is

  that colour lithography

  printing had been mastered

  & required smooth paper.

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With all of our prints, you can be guided by their labels:


Prints without an age label are less than fifty years

old or are a modern reproduction.


A Print with an ‘Age Label’ has our guarantee that

you are purchasing an actual old print, not a copy.

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