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The Alpine (or French Alpine) is one of two types of breeds which originate from the Alps in Europe: the French and Swiss breeds.


Friendly and intelligent, they are also popular due to their

uniformity, size, and production.


The British Alpine goat is black all over with white 'Swiss' markings, with a generally short, fine and glossy coat - However bucks often have longer hair.


The British Alpine is a high producer of quality goats' milk, with them capable of extended lactations, sometimes even lasting

close to two years.


British Alpines have an average yield of 4.09 kg, in 24 hours - with their Milk, on average, being at 3.77% butterfat and 2.74% protein.


Years of breeding has resulted in the British Alpine being similar to the Saanen in structure and the Toggenburg in markings.


British Alpines are tall, rangy and graceful.


With a dished or straight facial line, the average height is about

83 cm for does and 95 cm for bucks. 


They are best suited to temperate climates and perform poorly in

regions with high humidity.


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