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               British Saanen                          

Developed in the UK, but influenced by the Saanen Goats of Switzerland.  


Odor-free goat’s milk: a unique quality over other dairy goat breeds.


Saanen are primarily kept for milk production, with an average of 3.48% butterfat and 2.61% protein.


Known for being easy to care for, having a docile temperament and good toleration of changes in their environment.


The Saanens are heavy milk producers, producing on average,5.17 kg in a 24 hour yield.


Largest of the dairy breeds, averaging 65 kg in weight, and 32 inches in height.


Saanens have a short white to creamy white coat that will sometimes have a fringe along the spine and thighs - with their ears standing straight.


The face will be “dished” (straight) which is the opposite of the more popular breed, the Nubian goat. Because of these stately features, the Saanen has been dubbed the “Queen of the Dairy Goats”.


They are easy to manage and maintain and has an overall peaceful nature, with them being calm, affectionate, and supremely lovable.

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