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Whilst developed in the UK, the Toggenburg goat originated

in Switzerland - being named for the Toggenburg Valley.


It is regarded as the oldest known dairy goat breed and was the first officially recognised breed.


The Toggenburg was the first of the Alpine breeds to reach Britain.


While not producing the same quantity of milk as the Saanen, Toggenburgs have good udders and produce quality milk over long periods, with an average of 3.61 kg in a 24 hours yield.


At 3.70% butterfat and 2.71% protein, the Toggenburg is one of the most popular breeds in the UK, being part of commercial goat farms where cheese is a main product.


They are compact and hardy and generally slightly smaller than other Alpine breeds. Does are around 75 cm and weighing at least 55 kg, with bucks being slightly larger.


The hair is short to medium in length and lies flat, ranging in colour from varying shades of fawn and brown to dark chocolate with white or cream facial stripes.


And, they are a really pretty goat!


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