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So easy to make, you will not believe the

taste and texture you create.




Goats Milk – 500ml

Cornflour – 50g

Sugar – 50g

Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp.



How to:  

1. Mix together the Cornflour, Sugar and Cocoa Powder

with a little Goats Milk to form a smooth paste.


2. Heat the remaining Goats Milk until boiling before pouring over the Cornflour mixture, stirring constantly.


3. Return to the heat and cook for approx. 2 minutes – still stirring all the time.


4. To prevent a skin forming, pour the mixture into a wetted mould or bowl and sprinkle with a little Sugar.


5. Leave to set in the refrigerator.


6. Serve chilled – perfect accompanied with Cherries or Ice-Cream.





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Serves 3-4

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