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Soft Goats' Cheese:


We make our artisan Goats Cheese daily using fresh pasturised Goats' milk and  vegetarian rennet, which results in a mild, soft variety.


Due to our routine production, our Soft Cheeses are very young, so, as its age progresses, the strength of flavour will too.


We also add a range of​ flavours to our Plain Cheese, including: 

  • Garlic

  • Chive

  • Mixed Herbs (Basil, Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme)


Our 4 flavours of Cheese are available in:

65g, 100g, and 250g pots - with a 2-3 week shelf life (depending on the flavour)



We also offer our Plain Soft Cheese in 500g family/catering tubs - with flavours available on request.



Rind-Ripened Goats' Cheese:


Firmer in texture, our Rind-Ripened variety will develop a richer flavour and a

soft centre as it continues to ripen.


We make small and large cheese rounds, although, due to the method of production, their weight varies.


Perfect for cheese-boards, grilling, or simply enjoying with some crackers!


               Goats' Cheeses                                                          From Goat to pot in 72 hours....


  • Our Goats are milked

       twice a day

  • The milk is batch


  • Cheese process begins

  • 24-36hrs later: Curds

       put to drain

  • Another 24hrs – Cheese

       is made

  • Flavours added…

          ready to eat and enjoy!




Our Soft Goats' Cheeses freeze beautifully too!

(keeping for up to 3 months)

Our Soft Cheese  


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