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Even though their uses are the same, Goats Milk has many benifits:

Less alergenic Proteins: Goats' milk has less of the protein research suggests contriubtes

to a cows' milk intolerance so, may be benifical.

Easily digestable Fats and Proteins - the fat globules are naturally smaller which may make for easier digestion.

Lower in Lactose - Goats milk typically contains slightly less lactose than cows' milk. Similar to the proteins, some people with a lactose intolerance can enjoy goats' milk without effect.

Lower in Cholesterol - Goats' milk is naturally slightly lower in cholesterol.

Prebiotic - Goats' milk is closer to human milk, with more oligosaccharides than Cows'

milk - acting as prebiotics & may help maintin the digestive tract.

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               Goats Milk                    

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Theres more...


Goats' Milk is,

High in Calcium

making it

Good for your blood pressure,

plus, its

full of essential

Minerals & Vitamins

  -         Anything you can do with Cows Milk, is better with Goats Milk.


You can freeze our

Goats Milk too!

(keeping for up to 3 months)

Please note: Milk composition will always vary slightly according to breed, season, brand and diet. * We are sorry to say we do not supply Raw Goats Milk, for human or animal consumption *

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The Green Barn - Isle of Wight Dairy Goats


"The Islands 1st and only, commercial Goat Dairy."



Open Daily: 10am-4pm

The most important aspect of our range of produce, is, of course, the Milk.

With us wanting to maintain and deliver its delicious flavour, our Milk is simply:


  • Fresh from our farm

  • Whole

  • Pasturised


Available in 500ml bottles - Goats Milk can be used like any other milk - in your morning cuppa, on the kids breakfast...and even in yummy recipes.


Differences - Goats Milk vs Cows Milk

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