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               Golden Guernsey                          

Golden Guernsey's in the United Kingdom have been developed from goats imported from the Channel Islands - with them being crossed with Anglo-Nubians and Swiss breeds.


The Golden Guernsey is a rare breed.


Although not producing the quantity of milk given by some other breeds (3.6 kg per day) their milk has high levels of butter fat (4%) and protein (3%), making it perfect for making cheese.


The striking colour is the hallmark of the Golden Guernsey, with their hair varying from a straw-coloured cream to a rich,

golden honey-brown.


They are a gentle breed.


They are smaller and more fine-boned than other British dairy goats:

Doe’s, being around 66 cm and 55 kg

Bucks: averaging 71 cm and 68 kg.


The Golden Guernsey goats have very docile and

very friendly personalities.


The bucks have been said to be unusually smelly. 

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