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At The Green Barn, we produce a range of artisan produce, using

fresh, pasturised milk from our own herd of Dairy Goats.



Our selection of produce includes:


A Soft Goats' Cheese - in a selection of flavours

(Garlic, Chive, Mixed Herbs - and Plain too!)

Rind-Ripened Goats' Cheese - stronger in taste, and firmer in texture

Goats' Kefir - a pro-biotic, fermented milk drink

Goats' Milk - pasturised, whole milk

Goats' Milk Fudge - a traditional, crumbly type in a variety of flavours

(Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Sea Salt)


PLUS, our range of...

Goats' Milk Soaps - using essential oils in many wonderful scents.



With our herd including a mix of breeds, the Milk takes on various

qualities, all contributing to the quality and taste:


British Saanen: high yeilding with consistent production

British Toggenburg: moderate butterfat and protein content

Golden Guernsey: milk is higher in butterfats and protein

British Alpine: high yields with good milk solids

Anglo Nubian: milk is high in butterfats


This blend of characteristics results in the beautiful Milk that is the

begining of our produce, being slightly sweet in taste, with a great

balance of properties perfect for cheesemaking.

               Our Goat Produce                          

Find out more about our produce:

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The Green Barn - Isle of Wight Dairy Goats


"The Islands 1st and only, commercial Goat Dairy."



Open Daily: 10am-4pm

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the different Goat   breeds in our herd?