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Where to find our Goat Produce:

Find out more about our produce:

Our selection of Goat produce includes:

Whole Goats Milk, Soft Cheese, Rind-Ripened Cheese, Kiefr - and Fudge!


The following collection of recipes brings together our own suggestions and those

by, Taste of the Wight - all using our Green Barn Produce.


With further Goat produce available - such as Butter, Cream and Yogurt - from other British Diary Farms, the scope for cooking is endless.


So, whether you fancy a quick bite, a main meal or an indulgent dessert, the

following recipes all incorporate these tasty ingredients.  


Todays Menu



Goats Cheese Savouries

with Herbs and Tomato puree


Garlic Goats Cheese




Goats Milk Mousse

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We are delighted that our Goats Cheese Swirls have been included within the

Taste of the Wight Recipe Book.


They were also made as one of the nibbles for guests to enjoy at the launch too.

Do give them a go...

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